Finding Authors

, at least ones that really tickle your skin with literary delight, is no simple task. Stores, libraries, donations, they’re all filled with beautiful and wonderful books. The question however, is are they beautiful and wonderful to you?

Some of the best novels that I’ve ever had the privilege of laying eyes on are the ones that received mixed reviews, or might even have a cult classic vibe about them.

Others, the hyped front runners, the pages to screen stories unfurled, the over-talked and oversold, those are generally the ones that I don’t ever enjoy as much as I expect to.

This proves to be difficult, when trying to acquire a cannon of authors that you can build your library upon. I’ve read many, many books, but the selection of authors that I would truly say are the movers and shakers of my being only amount to a lower side number of the double digits.

I guess I have to agree with Broken Bells here when I quietly and verbally hum out the minute lyric, “to each his own.”

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