I’ve set a personal best for the amount of books that I’ve read so far this year. I’m not the gloating type, I’m just saying. I’m saying it because for the first time in a long time, I can look back at something that I’ve enjoyed in my leisurely time and not feel guilty about the amount of time it took away from other things.

Reading is important, whether you’re a fan of it or otherwise. I liked it growing up, hated it throughout school, and fell in love with it again in my late twenties. But even if you fall out of the loop, only to regain traction at some point later down the road, you come to realize that it’s all vital.

Every word, every syllable, every fibered page, every story conveyed.

And it’s all winsome magic.

2 thoughts on “Queue

  1. Nicely put. My experience was different – I never stopped loving books and school just taught me how to love them differently. But hey, to each his own. School is probably not going to teach you Bukowski. But Bukowski might teach you a few things…!

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    1. A big part of me wishes that I hadn’t, but it feels great to add fuel to that literary fire a bit. I feel like a kid, getting hooked on all these authors of past and present. Exactly! Curriculum reading is wonderful for the growing mind, but I guess that it’s left up to our own prerogative to keep that train moving after high school and college.


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