A Day of Presidency

President’s Day isn’t a traditional holiday in the sense that our families sit down near the hearth and fill up our stomachs with stuffing or gingerbread cookies or Halloween candy.

It’s a day of remembrance, reflection, and a historical journey down memory lane.

Being in Washington DC this time of year is one of my favorite to-dos because I’m fascinated with absorbing the knowledge and facts and tidbits behind what brought us all here to today.

Washington, and his beautiful home atop Mount Vernon.

Lincoln, not just the sorrowful night at Ford’s but the significant benchmarks of his presidency.

The city it self, how it burned and was entirely rebuilt. How it’s evolved architecturally and broadened the ways that we are able to comprehend its prominence.

There’s so much to learn about our respective nations that you could forever lose yourself inside of a museum or landmark and remember exactly what it was like to be a child of history.

Only thing is, for most of us now, we’re the adults of history.

Happy President’s Day everyone!


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