Freebie Book Drop at Universal Studios Orlando

How to plant your debut novel in Knockturn Alley for any Wizard, Muggle, or No-Maj to find:

Step 1) Place a copy of The Dioramist in your backpack and make sure it’s signed/noted for the potential reader.

Step 2) Go to Knockturn Alley, while remaining on guard for any suspicious use of the Dark Arts.

Step 3) Ensure that no one is watching by placing on your Invisibility Cloak.

Step 4) Seek out a nice alcove to place the book.

Step 5) Wave goodbye to your paperback friend and Disapparate ⚡️ the heck out of there.

Check out my debut novel The Dioramist on Amazon and please let me know what you think by leaving some feedback!

(Photos taken by me.)


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