Merry Holidays Everyone!

Now that Santa is getting so close (we heard his sleigh and reindeer skip right off our roof last night while he was en route to Dunkin’ for a nice warm, extra large, light and sweet French vanilla with a turbo shot🎅 ☕️), I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season 🎄. It’s a crazy time of year that unfortunately unearths a ton of unnecessary stress and pressure, but if you take a moment to step back and reflect on all the good and wondrous things within your circles, it helps to minimize the holiday bustle and chaos. I asked Santa for my own private library/office/man cave this year…do you think he got my list?!? I don’t ask for much, really. But the library needs to be at least 3 stories tall AND attached be to our house AND have at least two spiral staircases and a ton of those sliding ladders AND have a built in Bose surround sound system to listen to my writing mix while writing AND and AND and…that’s it for now 😄 🎁 please Santa, don’t do me wrong on this one. I’ve been a very good boy! Merry Christmas and Festivus everyone! Grab those trees and poles and be joyous!

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