Age Is Just A Thing

I feel like the older we get, the more we get comfortable doing comfortable things. And that holds true even more so when people settle down, get married, and have children. But why should the fun ever have to stop? I’m turning 32 this year and I still feel like a heady mashup of both my sibling and adult self. I want to wander off the boardwalk and play arcade games now, just as much as I did back then. I want to laugh myself silly with her at the silliest of things, and neglect the fact that society tries to auto draft us into the serious and boring sports team that is always looking for players who are aged 30 and up. Let’s run in the shallow waters, finger paint the starstruck constellations, and never forget what it’s like to remain exactly who we’ve always been and always will be.

(Photo taken by me.)


3 thoughts on “Age Is Just A Thing

  1. I saw this in my email earlier, I was worried you weren’t going to post it, haha. The picture is beautiful, I have a few similar. May I ask where it’s from. I also really like the post, I always anticipate having child like spirit throughout my life. You can mature, and become mature, without losing that drive for all things…fun. Also, forget normies lol

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    1. Thank you my friend, such a well thought out response!! I had originally posted it but the picture wouldn’t upload, so I deleted it and started over. That’s the way to be, one can never be too young while they’re aging gracefully 🙂

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      1. I’m typically pretty good at well thought out responses when I’m not too busy, haha. But I agree, I feel if you get rid of your youthful spirit completely, it’s too hard to find fun in things.

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