Ever hear of a man who wanders the streets and surprises people?

Saying things like, “no one will ever believe you?”

Ever sit down to a Christmas dinner and have an older gentleman knock at your door, just waiting to see if you’ll let him inside?

There’s been urban myths circulating for years that Bill Murray lives his life like a common, regular old Joe. He puts himself in situations where he meets people and joins in on their fun, while never gloating about his film career or even really bringing up the fact that he’s a Hollywood legend. I watched the Netflix documentary on it this week and a part of me feels changed. Like Bill is onto something, some way of living that we’re all aware of yet choose to ignore. It’s inspiring and utterly heartwarming to say the least. He’s always been a cinematic god in my eyes, and now he qualifies as such on a humanitarian level too. Can’t wait to dive into this book which goes way more into detail than the doc, supposedly.

Here, here, kind, oh ye faithful William!

(Photo taken by me.)


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