Post It Poetry

What I’ve come to enjoy about poetry is that there’s so much to be said with many or few words. A poem is the true encapsulation of a moment or feeling and the significance and impact of it falls entirely to the whim of the poet. Ginsberg’s Howl was a less than 70 page collection that to this day is still considered to be one of the best pieces of literature in the world. He had a lot to say in a finite amount of space and didn’t feel the need to push it any further. What are some of your favorite poetry collections?

I was inspired in January to write my first poetry collection and while I looked back by the end of the project and thought that it was something I’d never have planned to write, it just kind of happened. Years ago I used to work overnights- driving across the empty highway to my job with little to no cars in sight. Pure solitude at the pinnacle moon hour of the coffee black night. Moments, whether big or small can procure meaningful poetry, and honestly I think that’s what it’s all about.

You can check out my debut collection Strange Cars in the Night here in both paperback and Kindle formats.

Happy Tuesday everyone! (Do people even say that? 🤣 🎉)

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