Tangible or Electronic?

(Photo taken by me)

I’ve always been such a huge fan of holding an actual book. There’s something about the feel, the smell, those pages, and everything in between that sets the pulsating heart of a bookworm aflame.

Only over the past few years have I begun to dabble in ebooks, and while I agree that they’re unbelievably convenient, I still seem to shy away from them (which is a shame because our square footage is starting to be consumed by real live book books).

Today I turned back on the Kindle Fire after months of it collecting dust on my bookshelf. I started two different books that I’ve been meaning to get to: 1) Quarry’s List by Max Allan Collins and 2) Bond on Bond by the late, great Sir Roger Moore.

I have to say, this really is an enjoyable reading experience. I can flip back and forth between the two books on a whim and for some reason, I feel more compelled to keep going with both.

Moving forward, in order to stop the madness of purchasing so many books that take up space and accumulate to be very heavy in both weight and size, I may begin purchasing the ebook copy of something first. If I adore it and begin to obsess over the work once I’ve finished, then I might take the extra step to buy an actual copy, but only then.

Does anyone else struggle with the spacial proximity of their own book collection? Do you read read or e-read? Or both? I’m very curious, let me know your thoughts!

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8 thoughts on “Tangible or Electronic?

    1. I’m the same point, so it’s understandable. If space allowed, I’d just keep piling those physical books higher and higher 📚. Very cool! That was one of my favorite things growing up, being gifted or handed down books. For someone that age, it’s a portable machine into an alternate time and place, and that’s so special.

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  1. I enjoy both: I just find them different reading experiences. With a paper book, we develop a sense of where we are in a tale based on the remaining width of the book we hold and we all tend to read a paper book I think with an eye subconsciously looking ahead at where we are on the two pages that are always visible. However an ebook lets us search inside easier and naturally a Kindle full of hundreds of books takes up less space in our carry on luggage (or on a shelf) than a single paperback.

    I’m also a re-reader. I usually read a book I’ve enjoyed at least twice. I find in a second read I always see stuff I missed or underappreciated in the first.😊

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    1. That’s exactly what it is! That sense of completion when you see the back pages waning more and more. Kindle gives you a percentage or a page count, depending on your preference, but for some reason it always feels like a slower way of reading for me. A re-read is ideal! I’m the same way, it always helps to clarify parts of the story that may be hazy and to help the reader realize what was missed during the first run through.

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  2. Late to your blog Eric -I love books you can touch, smell and stack – much to my wife’s chagrin as I have far too many.

    I will add your books to the pile to read – looking forward to getting to the Amusement Rides book in March.

    Steve (s.r.jakobi) UK

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    1. Hey Steve! 👋🏻 I hear that, I’m trying to get a control of my tangible book addiction as well. But I agree wholeheartedly, the feel, look, and smell of a book is irresistible. Thanks so much for the support!! I absolutely LOVED Antiques & Curios 💯 👏🏻 one of the most unique, imagistic reads I’ve devoured in a very, very long time. Well done!


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