What’s Your Story, Morning Glory?

I’ve been working diligently these last two months to organize a release schedule for some writing projects that are nearly finalized. When it comes to your published/self-published works, what is your overall goal? 1 book per year? A book and a poetry collection? Whenever you complete a final draft? I’ve done some online research and read a fascinating article by an author who self-published every project he finished, with no exceptions, and kept himself on a 1-3 month release schedule. My problem with the writing is that I do it endlessly and focus far less on the editing aspect. I’ve got at least 8 quasi-completed books and collections that are ready to go, but then an idea pops into my head for a new project and I’m off to the races. What’s your writing process like?

Searching for new reads?

Poetry about Strange Cars or maybe a fictional novel journal about a Dioramist protagonist who struggles with a passion for writing and a former love? Be sure to check out my published wares on Amazon if you’re interested.

Also, be sure to find me on Instagram @ blankpagesofmine and say hello!

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