Coming Soon

Writing is something that I found, with a fully devoted concentration at least, about three years ago. Since publishing The Dioramist last year, I became hooked on fleshing out any idea that got me past 2,000 words.

The next project led me to a random, span-of-five-minute generated idea that involved Strange Cars in the Night. Why? I’m still not quite sure. I used to work overnights many years ago and commuted an hour round trip.



Either way, both of these books unleashed a creative pattern that resided behind my own set of wrought iron gates for way too far long.

In the recent months, I’ve started to pull back on social networking quite a bit. I love being on here, because it takes one great aspect about those networks and smushes it together with the brilliant creative outlet that is blogging.

My apologies for the meandering ramble, I just can’t get enough of talking about writing. Especially with fellow indie artists that are using their own insanely lucid and wild imaginations to claim dominance over the blank page.

It’s people that I’ve met on here, Instagram, and other towns and villages throughout Internetlandia that inspired me to write the upcoming list of books and poetry collections that I’ve mentioned above. Took me awhile to understand what a blog truly was or what it entailed, but finding it has helped me to set free a typewritten urge deep down from within the ink well ribbon depths.

Thanks as always for your support and keep your eyes peeled for these upcoming release dates!

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