Current Reads – Finished/Beginning

Took me about two weeks to get through The Mediterranean Caper and not because I wasn’t enjoying it, but because it just happened to be one of those busy fortnights where reading became a far off dream that was only attainable in teensy tiny fragments.

AKA work was busy; I’ve gotten back into a fun exercise routine, and I’m focusing on the final edit of a writing side project called “The Very Many Kinds of Things,” which is coming out soon.

Anyway, so yeah I finished the book this morning and it was very, very enjoyable.

Literary brain candy.

I will be continuing Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt adventures, without question.

Reminded me a little of James Bond (epic win there, since most books that are reviewed to be similar to Bond seldom are), but it did wear from the constraints of its era, I will say that.

Dirk Pitt isn’t very gentlemanly of an individual, which was not so uncommon for a film, television show, or novel character back in 1973.

He’s smart, resourceful, and gritty like Bond, but intuitive in a way that Bond’s never been or ever was because of Pitt’s marine background.

I really enjoyed the Mediterranean setting and unfortunately, I feel like that escapist prose went by the wayside in the latter half of the book.

Espionage thrillers are known for getting plot heavy with villains, gadgets, military classifications, vehicles and weaponry, and while I’ve grown to admire reading about those things, I’m more a fan of a great character who you feel right alongside with as the craziness begins to unfold, an adventurous plot that details its scenic and memorable locations, etc.

I’ll give this premier entry in the Dirk Pitt canon 3.75/5.

Engaged enough to find out where it’s going, and where the series will take this man of travel and aquatic marine escapades.

Up next: “Bad Haircut: Stories from the Seventies” by Tom Perrotta.

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