Here We Go A’ Wandering

She: Let’s be more passionate about stuff.

He: Like what?

She: Like anything. I mean, we’re here at this park and having a blast, of course—

He: Of course.

She: But to be honest, it’s really the most beautiful evening. Lost on some, maybe us too up until now, but look at the horizon just beyond the lift cars.

He: Makes you want to smile like a goon and run around singing, doesn’t it?

She: Let’s not get carried away, dear. Maybe we could only run around and sing at your suggestion, rather than wandering around with oddly ginormous smiles.

He: I’m game for whatever you like.

She: I’m game if you’re game.

He: Oh no, we’ve gone redundant again.

She: Just give me a friendly love tap on the forehead. Reboots my entire system hardware.

He: Bink bonk!

She: Beep boop!

“She and He, He and She” is the name of my upcoming book and it’s all about these two yokels. Together they divulge into blissful marital insanity, in the way of a throwback style comedy that’ll just warm and melt your heart, like cheesy toast on the griddle. Coming soon! To pass the time, check out my other two books on Amazon. Thanks in advance for your support, it means the world!

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