Fiction That Is Not

I’ve recently become hooked on nonfiction reading material.

Only took 32 years, but I think I’m finally beginning to see the hook that lines and sinks a reader’s attention with material that is generally based on realistic past or present events.

In my opinion, Mad Men is one of the top 5 greatest television shows in history. It starts off strong in 1960, develops each character and story arc masterfully, then ends the show exactly where the writers and creators wanted to end it: on the cusp of a new decade, 1970.

Mad Men: Unbuttoned goes through the real life stories of Madison Avenue and the advertising game, pop culture, family life, gender roles, and fashions of the nineteen sixties. It’s absolutely fascinating to read about the source material that fueled and embellished some of the main characters from the show.

For anyone who’s a fan of Mad Men, I highly recommend it. The words you’ll find inside don’t necessarily spoil anything from the show, if you’re not familiar with it and have never watched, but it does reference a few key moments in the series.

Happy Saturday everyone!!

(Photos taken by me.)

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2 thoughts on “Fiction That Is Not

  1. Mad Men is one of those I have on my ‘To Watch’ list but have not yet gotten around to. The book looks like a great reference resource for fans. I’ll have to go and have a nose at the first episode..

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  2. It’s outstanding, I’m sure you’ll like it! The set designs of the early sixties in New York are tremendous, the whole setting makes you feel transported into that time and place. The book doesn’t draw too much on the details of the show but it does talk about the characters quite a bit.

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