Mercy Mercy Me

I recently started up a side project Insta account called theindiereadspeakeasy, to promote the wonderful works of fellow independent authors as well as to discuss what mainstream reads I’m currently piling through.

Here is my review of Mercy, by Dave Matthes. It’s a genius modern take on the Western literary genre and I adored every single second of it:

[I don’t know where to begin with Dave. He’s a modest man who seeks no praise in his wide variety of works, but there’s so much to be said about this tiny, powerhouse novella. First thing’s first, it’s an amazing piece of literature. Beautifully written, well edited, it’s the type of book you’d find on any store’s shelf, whether mega conglomerate chain or Mom n’ Pop, and thank the starry eyed heavens that you took a leap of faith in choosing a book you didn’t know much about. Because that’s the precise feeling it gives off from the onset of the first word, right up and through to nail-biting and triumphant final act. Mercy is a dead set Western that not only revitalizes a long forgotten genre, but breathes mystical new life into it. Rancid, Billy, La Drange, the whole damn cast of characters is so memorable you’d think you just read Steinbeck’s Cannery Row for the first time. It’s action packed, lacks the harrowing cliches that most modern day Westerns fall victim to, and flows gently to Dave’s ambiguous, full-of-life style writing that I’ve come to cherish and adore. Since beginning the novel, I’ve begged him to write more stories like this because it meshes with his author personality so well, and I’ll tell him endlessly until desert sand pours from my high noon mouth that Mercy is a gem waiting to be discovered by the masses. I can’t possible describe in more words how brilliant and necessary this novella is, so you’ll just have to horseback your way on over to Amazon and find out for yourself. 6 out of 5 stars, because giving it a perfect and flawless score just isn’t darn good enough. It’s on Amazon, go grab yourself a copy and witness some of the Matthes magic!]

(Photos taken by me.)

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