It’s Been a Week

Getting back to the office on Monday after a fun, mini-vacation type weekend, it was like a bucket splash of cold water in the face.

There’s been some issues lately at work with clients and I was hoping that the situations would smooth themselves out (with some ongoing TLC from our department), but it doesn’t seem like we’re quite out of the woods yet.

My exhaustion hit a peak yesterday and rather than getting up again super early to the four o’ clock alarm, I snoozed it and went right back to sleep.

That snooze button doesn’t get much attention from me, so it must be feeling special this week!

Luckily…the weekend is only two days away and it’ll give me some free time to work on projects and see friends.

My next collection “Today, Let’s Today” is finished and nearly ready for release in Amazon. I’m happy that with all the craziness this week, I was at the very least able to compete the final draft.

It’s a motivational, interactive piece that is the next entry in my pocket book series.

I’ll let you know when the release date hits!

Hopefully everyone is having a great week and getting some solid writing done. Have an awesome day! 📚 ✍️

(Photo found on Google.)

Searching for new reads?

Can’t find that next book to steal away your attention? Be sure to check out my published wares on Amazon. New poetry collection and comedic long-form novel coming soon!

Also, be sure to find me on Instagram @ blankpagesofmine and say hello!

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