The ghouls were abundant and abound during all operating hours at the theme park yesterday, in honor of Six Flags yearly tradition called Fright Fest.

Apart from the past two months, I hadn’t been to this park in over a decade. Not a whole lot has changed in the long interim, but there have been some amazing thrill ride additions.

Bizarro is what used to be called Medusa (once painted green and looking like the snaky tendrils of Medusa’s hair) and is still very much just as enjoyable as the original ride. Fast paced, tons of loop de loops and corkscrews, and even some spraying mist and launching projectile fire. The line for this one was so short that the ride attendants let us stay on after the first go around, without having to exit first and walk all the way back around to hop on. It’s a wonderful thing when that happens, pretty rare too!

I’m still just as much of a thrill ride addict now as I was growing up. The anxiety and pressures of overthinking any ride have long since dissipated, which is wonderful. For me now, it’s all about getting on every one as many times as possible, throwing my arms up in blissful enjoyment, and yelling until my vocal chords can’t take anymore.

(Photos taken by me.)

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