That Time of the Week Again

It’s been said that motivation lies within, but I also feel like it’s driven by the people and elements that are all around.

Negativity is an easy vortex to get lost in, but finding the inspiration to be motivated by anything can be all you really need.

What keeps your creative habits on the straight and narrow?

Do you have a routine that’s readily workable or do you absorb yourself into creativity only when feasible?

In times past, my mind would come up with any and every excuse not to sit down and accomplish something.



Interactions with other people.


All of those things are wonderful, but they’re tough to share inside of your creative space when you desperately want to tap into it.

I write mainly on the go, drafting all of my manuscripts on a phone app, and then I take the first draft and start editing it on my laptop.

If I tried to sit down and write from scratch, I don’t think I’d ever get anything done.

What’s your process like?

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