itty bits: a Kindle poetry/blurb collection

I love writing flash fiction and poetry.

Miniature microcosms of literature can be so fierce, so inspiring and inspired, and so wildly appealing, especially in this day in age because how how quickly society moves.

Some of the best material I’ve read in recent years has come from blog posts, teensy tiny lit books and downloads, etc.

As soon as I see the word flash, my attention darts to the subject matter quicker than Barry Allen can shimmy his way out of a scene and flat-out skedaddle.

My first Kindle only collection is called itty bits vol. 1 and if you’re in the mood for a cheaply priced, fifteen minute read that harps on comedy, love, philosophy, and the downright zany, grab yourself a copy here.

If you’re feeling motivated afterwards and have any feedback you’d like to send my way, just drop me a few honest words on Amazon/Goodreads.

Volume 2 is coming out this month, the official itty bit sequel! 2x the everything (not measured per say, but it’s pretty close).

Thanks as always for the support dear bookworms and fellow word artists!

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