Magnetic Reversals


We stand,

Closer to a molten craggy edge,

Feeling the pain

And harvested love

Of all things,

Of all contingencies,


Bearing the weight,

Carrying the worldly load,


Who doesn’t schlep

A heavy knapsack though?

Different takes,




That tribulate.

Comparing and contrasting

Is what

Manufactures the dividing line,


Thrive inside of

The moment

And cease what was


Initiate the visibility

Of what is.

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10 thoughts on “Magnetic Reversals

      1. I very much enjoy your works as well, huge fan of your writing style!! And thanks again, feedback is always a wonderful thing in our trade ✍️ do you have any works on Amazon that I could check out?

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      2. Thank you for your kind words about my poetry. I am glad to hear that. No poetry on Amazon yet, with the exception of some poetry anthologies in which my work was published. The rest of my publications are in various journals.
        I am in the process of finishing a poetry manuscript. I am talking to a publisher. Will see.
        Thank you again for asking and for your kind words.

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