Honing In

Writing anything can be a daunting task.

From a grocery list, to a term paper, to a full-length novel (and subsequent series), putting ideas down on a any sort of template requires brain power and creativity.

So what happens when there’s a drought?

When the fields dry up quicker than a splashy sidewalk puddle on a hot Summer’s day?

It’s difficult to navigate for sure.

Writer paranoia begins to set in and take hold.

What if I can’t come up with another idea for a project?

What if the new project pales in comparison to the last?

Every writer encounters these moments, whether they choose to admit it or not.

Or maybe some don’t, and hit the ground running with a best seller series that causes them to never be frightened by a creative fear.

Regardless of whichever type you are, the only way to allow your words to flourish is by continuing forth.

If you’re stuck in the muck, write something off the cuff.

Write something different, something that explores territories outside of your familiar realm.

Write anything.

You’ll find your footing again.

Write write write and then write some more, long past the hour when the cows come home.

That last one is only applicable if you live on a farm though.

Happy midweek all!!

(Photo taken by me.)

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