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My latest poetry and blurb collection itty bits vol. 2 has been live on Amazon for over a month now (time really does fly!), so if you’re starved of new reading material, feel free to download your very own copy right here.

It’s all about the small things that are so much greater than what we understand and admit them to be at times.

Think of a skyscraper.

It’s comprised of glass and steel and tons of delicate little intricacies that need to stand the structural sands of time in order for it to remain an upright entity.

Life has a habit of following that same process.

You could say that today is great and that it’s made up of hundreds upon thousands of miniature moments that make it so.

You could say that today has been horrendous, but upon looking backwards at the 24 hour span, you come to find that some of the overseen little moments really triumphed and sang out.

It all comes down to that famously infamous matter of perspective.

I hope you enjoy the book! Thanks so much again for all of your continued support, it really means the world to me.

(Images from itty bits vol. 2 ebook)

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