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Now that the trailer for the newest Daniel Craig James Bond film has released, I’ve begun a rereading of the original novel series by Ian Fleming.

These books are a work of art. The way Fleming observed life and detail throughout his naval intelligence career was impeccable, and even more so the way he translated it onto the blank page.

The original story Casino Royale is an introduction into the world of Bond. James finds himself sent on a mission to intercept Le Chiffre, a rogue and reckless agent of Smersh who’s been sought out to be eliminated by the powers that be over in Regent’s Park.

It has its differences from the film for sure, but the core story remains intact all the way through.

To me, these novels represent a piece of literary history. The way Fleming wrote, what with all that precise attention to detail, names, faces, and places, it hasn’t been replicated by any other author since and potentially may never be.

The Bond-a-thon has officially begun! Can’t wait for Craig’s latest and speculated final outing in 2020, and from what the trailer shows, he’ll be going out with a flashbang and motorcycle jaunt, rather than a humdrum whimper.

(Photos taken by me.)

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