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‪I can’t imagine Walt ever envisioned that money grubbing would one day forsake his art and passion.

This doesn’t come from an over the top Star Wars fan, or even a firmly mediocre fan, it comes from a casual fan and a person who grew up loving the worlds Disney created and the inspired masses that subsequently accumulated. ‬

Is it possible that these horrible reviews are a fluke? A classic red herring? Like I thought they would have been with Rowling’s messy, erratic Grindelwald? Chances are unlikely, but after the way this SW trilogy has found itself getting lost in the hills, I’ve removed all expectations.

Now Disney has most of us in the middle to older generations running for the same hills, and to be honest, I’ve given them enough chances over the last few years. Between the cha-ching sounding register at the onset of each remake that lacks spark, life, and imagination, the ongoing monopoly over everything that was once treasured, and now some slapped together mixed bag closure to a trilogy that stood to be brilliant…I think I’ve had my fill of this company’s new millennium facelift.

Some of their recent works have been incredible and genius, in the way of their old mindset. Christopher Robin. Avengers: Endgame. Inside Out. The Force Awakens (fun and nostalgic, albeit a carbon copy of the original material). But most of what I’ve seen come from them these last 10 years feels almost…soulless.

Let’s hope Skywalker is better than what they’re saying, otherwise the fate of us longtime Disneygoers rests solely on the shoulders of Baby Yoda and most things Pixar related.

And I’m not preemptively upset with Rise of Skywalker, because one should never judge a film reel by its cover, but from the feedback thats swarming the internet, it sounds like it’s on par with their recently sought out primrose path. If I end up enjoying it in spite of all else, my opinion still encompasses the direction they’ve been embracing in the last decade plus.

I don’t blame Disney entirely, and truthfully, whatever they decide to do moving forward “is what it is.”

It’s just disappointing (giving the parental speech).

The question that I’d love to be answered is, when will certain parts of the industry get back to the renaissance that used to rule the realm?

The one that conjured up instant classics overnight, most of which had no basis to thrive on except for the quirky and wondrous minds of their creators.

Even some of the not so great stuff became cult classics and put smiles on our faces.

But this is something different.

Something new age.

There’s remakes, retreads, rehashs, and resurgences that keep the same material spinning round and round again and again, which is what makes independent art, music, writing, etc. communities like ours so important.

In terms of history, if we haven’t learned by now, the golden rule is to know when to take a step back and figure out where the formula needs tweaking in order to get back to some fertilized roots.

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