(Crime Doesn’t Pay, and Yet the Job Market is Fierce) #books #literature #blogging

Blew through Elmore Leonard’s City Primeval in less than a few days.

All of the books of his I’ve read up until this point have been consuming in nature, but this one in particular was an absolute powerhouse and a certified 5 ⭐️ read.

Early 80’s Detroit.

There’s a crime man on the loose who’s just ended two people and made off with the gun that did it.

But how can Raymond Cruz and his counterparts at First Precinct prove it?

This really is the Wild West of crime fiction.

Leonard at his glimmering literary finest.

It was a feast for the eyes and bookwormish tendencies and I can’t possibly recommend it enough for readers who are fans of the genre.


Now I’m in the midst of a huge book hangover.

With a story that good

And characters that fascinating,

Dialogue that snappy

And hard-edged…

What the heck am I going to read next?

I’ll have to dwell on that one for a bit.

(Photo taken by me.)

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