(Master of Horror, Crypt Keeper of the Typewritten Keys) #horror #literature #stories #indieauthor

David’s 34 stories of scare and gore are a complete tour-de-force. He pulls you in with each beginning paragraph and spews you out at the end of the story with a chilled feeling of shock and hair-raising awe, but also with the warm lingering nostalgia of wanting to revisit each piece and experience that red velvet magic all over again. This collection is like a handwritten love letter to fans of old school horror who want to experience a bubbling cauldron mixture of The Shining, Twilight Zone, Nosferatu, Black Mirror, and so much more. Take a plunge into David’s wild, wicked world and keep a meaty-sized candle lit all the while (just in case).

Grab your copy of Melodies of Midnight here and strap in for the most mind maddening page-bound ride of your bookwormish career! Also be sure to check David out on Instagram @davidavolpe. He’s an awesome dude, one hell of a writer, and a fellow diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan 🏈 🦅

(Photos taken by me.)

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