(It Centers Around) #books #coffee #literature #reading

Books aren’t for everyone.

Coffee isn’t either.

A buddy of mine at work drinks 0 caffeine everyday and somehow manages to function.

God bless him!

I go through spurts of having two much caffeine, but overall I’d say I round out at about 2-3 cups o’ Joe everyday.

Not too too bad.

Books on the other hand…

I find it difficult not to plan each day around having one book with me, whether in tangible form or e-reading.

And what’s funny is a handful of years ago reading a book of any kind would have been the last thing on my mind.

Or even a magazine.

Once you really come to understand the purpose of literature in your own way, I feel like it’s not just about the reading itself.

You’re journeying to new places.

Seeing things you never would have.

Some quotematecians love to say how some of the best traveling they’ve ever done is simply by opening a book.

And some say the best they’ve done is by traveling with a good book and then traveling in it as well.

Either way, you’re being taken for a ride.

And if you’re feeling sluggish after a long day or a tossy turny night, coffee usually helps keep you wired for the duration.

(Photo taken by me.)

5 thoughts on “(It Centers Around) #books #coffee #literature #reading

  1. It’s a tough thing to do on a constant basis, I hear you there. When I get close to finishing a book I always plan for the next one to keep me from getting away from the habit. What are some of your favorites?


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