(Gratitude Beyond the Words You See Here, So There’s Some Tear-Jerky More, Oh You Bet) #indieauthors #poetry #whattoread #literature

This.Is.Insane. To even be in the same ballpark…in the same major metropolitan city…in the same starry-eyed universe as Mary Oliver’s masterpiece ‘Dream Work,’ much less on the same best selling nature and poetry about places list with her on Amazon…it’s mind blowing. Brain can not compute. Overload imminent and factually probable. I’m truly honored and thankful for all of the amazing, generous, sweetly sincere, kindhearted support from the Insta and blog communities regarding my literary works. Wrote a book 2 years ago on a whim after staving off the idea to become an author for over a decade with a long spear, and now two years later I’ve got a small library collection that’s growing quicker than I ever imagined. It’s because of people like you, authors and readers and artists and magic makers who hold sacred what it means to be free and open with their brilliant thoughts and ideas. I was motivated to write in the first place because of these communities and will continue to flesh out my quirky, wayward, wordy mind bubbles down onto the blank page as a result. Thank you SO much! Between the unbelievably remarkable works I’ve read from fellow indie authors and the ones I make personally out of typewritten Play-Doh, there’s so many wonderful reasons to never halt or slow the pursuit of a dream. Want to be a carpenter? Build a house. Want to be an astronaut? Make a pair of cardboard wings and fly off the tree stump over the fluffy grass in the backyard. That’s really what it’s all about. What it comes down to at day’s end. Broken record time…thanks again for all of the support and if you haven’t yet grabbed your copy of “Lines at the Amusement Rides,” head on over to Amazon and snag a paperback copy here (or wait for the Kindle release on March 17th). Have a great rest of the day, Readersauruses and T-Writingrexes!

(Photos taken by me.)

2 thoughts on “(Gratitude Beyond the Words You See Here, So There’s Some Tear-Jerky More, Oh You Bet) #indieauthors #poetry #whattoread #literature

  1. Hi Eric
    I have ordered your new book (I like paper) – should have it by the weekend. I will leave a review on Amazon.
    Steve (srjakobi)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Steve, I really appreciate the support 🙏😄 can’t wait to hear what you think, hope you enjoy it! Me too, I’m the same way. A tangible book is better than a digital copy (except when on vacation and half your suitcase is filled with books haha).


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