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It’s a process. It’s the process. TRUST the process. A pre-emptive New Year’s Resolution I made to myself in September of 2019 was that I was no longer going to play games with myself and resist the urge to write. Resistance may be futile, but it’s also creatively infuriating.


While my method is different than most, I do force myself to translate ideas to electronic paper on a daily basis. It wasn’t always like that and up until I published my debut novel “The Dioramist” in April 2018, I had no motivated urge to release these compounding thoughts and ideas.


Best advice I can give to any writer who struggles with the notion of “putting themselves out there” is to just do it. Swallow the fear and tell it who’s boss. Because that’s something that I’ve learned and admired so much about the indie author community over these last few years. You just do you in the best way you no how, otherwise you’ll remain a stuck-in Folsom prisoner of your own device.


My latest release “Lines at the Amusement Rides” was what felt like a complete liberation to this concept. The idea came to me while on vacation at the Orlando theme parks last year and rather than stifling the surging lyrical swell, I penned every idea that came to me on my smartphone writing app. The end result, if you haven’t already purchased your park pass, it can be found under my author page on Amazon. (All of my other books are FREE to download through 11:59pm tonight!)


I make a broken record sound like a broken record here, but honest truth of it is that the support with this latest release has been astounding and I am so thankful to be privy to that kind of genuine human feedback and interest. You’re all so wonderful and creatively majestic. So, thanks again! Happy Friday all, hope you enjoy the rides and games.

(Photo taken by me.)

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