(I Work at a Home Bookshelf Extravaganza) #books #reading #photography #literature

A few years ago I walked into the Library of Congress looking like a kid in a candy shop. Books! Historic books! Beautiful rotundas! A certified national monument! The smell of pages in the air! My two buddies who aren’t the biggest of bookworms didn’t quite understand my enthusiasm, but by the time we finished exploring the grounds later that day, they were in much more alignment.

“Can we go to the gift shop? It’s probably sacrilege if we walk into one of the most prominent libraries in the world and don’t walk out with a new book, right?” —-was my justification for buying a new book. And the one I walked out with was Gina Sheridan’s “I Work at a Public Library.” Seems like a fitting souvenir, don’t you think? What a book. Hilarious, honest, insightfully imagistic into the world of libraries and some of the quirky people who traverse them. Highly recommended for anyone who is a book fanatic like myself and who also likes to relate to bygone memories of working in any customer service related field. Have a good day, my friends!

(Photo taken by me.)

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