4 thoughts on “(Wedge Salad) #craftbeer #books #literature #photography

      1. ssshhh!! It’s not officially released even! lol (but thank you…. ) I really like Lulu. I’ve published 9 books through them and they are so easy to work with. Very friendly. And honestly, the author gets more money per copy than if you publish using say Amazon (who I despise). I can’t recommend them enough… though with this virus making the round and the subsequent worldwide panic… it is slowing their production hardcore. In the past I could time the arrival of a book ordered to exactly seven days after it was ordered… now, they announced they are adding like 15 days to production times! Yikes! So, we’ll see how it fairs this go-around.

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      2. Ahhhh my apologies, I had no idea! Your secret is safe with me 🤐 that’s very helpful, I’ve been wanting to try and use them as a publishing service, so I might do that for the next one. Yeah the delivery tinting of anything is nuts right now! Food, toiletries, books, etc. I live in the US northeast where everything has slowed to a crawl. Hope you’re staying safe and having. A nice weekend!

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