(Q-Bert’s Checklist) #nature #inspiration #writing #photography

When in isolation, there are a few key elements to remaining upbeat and emotionally charged (in no particular order):

1) Books (they’ve always been our savior, today only accentuates their purpose)

2) Loved ones (emotional boulders residing at the foundation of each pillared bedrock)

3) Netflix (Currently venturing out into those Breaking Bad-esque Ozarks, but I’ve heard there’s also some interesting to-do about tigers)

4) Nature (because it’ll always be the cozy swaying hammock that’s just outside your window and sliding glass door)

5) Music (the older we get, the more I feel like this gets lost on some individuals…what, with talk and sports radio and all)

6) Inspirational centering (write, paint, clean, organize, craft, draw, mold, meld, weld, do whatever is within your four-walled means)

7) Repel (some news and social outlets will drown you in the negative, they’ll stick your head beneath the water and leave you to suck on silt; it’s good to be attuned, but not to be consumed)

8) Rest (take er’ easy, kick those feet up when feasible)

9) Stay communicative (we adore you, we know you somewhat, let’s keep talking and continue to hear what everyone has to say)

(Photo taken by me.)

© Eric Keegan

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