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Creating something, whether it be a sculpted vase or a published novel, is done only by believing in yourself. The you who’s you through and through. Leave ego at the door, pack up a nice buckled suitcase full of clothing and send it on its way. Simply be you and don’t be afraid to express your creative voice.

When it comes to writing, you have unlimited resources at your disposal: a brain, personal memories and experiences, charm and wit that is only truly your own, a notebook or personal computer, etc. Lines at the Amusement Rides is a collection of poetry that started to come to fruition when I was on vacation last year. My fiancée and I love theme parks and the more we explored them over 2018-2019, the more material conjured itself out of gooey bits of brain matter. Was it something that I sat down one day with intention of writing? Absolutely not. None of my works have been forged in that way, but that’s what I love about writing. You think of something, you ruminate on it a bit, and then you run wild with whatever pieces fit the puzzle of that particular project. At the end of the day, that’s all it comes down to.

A special thanks to Potter’s Grove Press for accepting my submission in the first place and making this collection a real life, tangible possibility! What an outfit to work with 👌🏻 If you haven’t yet snagged a copy of Lines at the Amusement Rides, click the link and enjoy the rides. Happy weekend all! 🎡 🎢 📚

(Photos taken by me.)

If you’re in need of some new reads, check out my collection on Amazon. Thanks as always for the support, fellow writers, readers, and dreamers!

6 thoughts on “(How and Why) #writing #poetry #indieauthor #inspiration

  1. Hi Eric
    I’m pleased to see that you are keeping busy – I trust you and your partner are well.
    As for me, I’m working on 2 projects, one a collection of poems on places around the world I have been to, not travelogues more quirky, esoteric stuff I’ve seen; the other follows on from Antiques & Curios – a deeper exploration.
    Love your poems and photos.


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    1. Hey Steve! 👋🏻 we are, working on some home and creative projects which is really nice. We’d love to go outside and enjoy the weather more, but with the current situation it’s best to stay home as much as possible. Congratulations, that’s incredible!! 🎉 can’t wait to read them both, are you looking to release in the upcoming months? That’s very kind of you to say, I appreciate it 🙏😄 stay safe!

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      1. Hi Eric
        We are staying home – just grocery shopping once a week. Got a decent size back garden – just need the promised sunshine tomorrow.
        Both sets of poems are around the 60 poem mark at present – I’ll work on them for a few more months. If they are of publishable quality I would like them in book-form. I’ll see what River thinks of them.

        Your poetry is a pleasure to read – I’m not sure which state you live in but I get the best of American vibes from them – I love the USA and the people I have met there -despise the weird gun fetish and the even weirder Trump/Pence, GOP. My apologies if you are a gun mad Republican. You seem too sane and talented.

        I have 4 poems in a multi-author anthology from Tara Caribou’s Raw Earth Ink indie publishing house, plus a black & white photo. Should be out in May but current situation may delay. Theme: music, art and poetry.


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      2. That’s great to hear! Food is definitely an essential, I think we’re gearing up to make a run sometime this week. Hopefully the nice weather arrives on time for you. I’m very excited, really dig your style and tone of writing. If you ever need an advanced reader, please don’t hesitate!

        That means the world to me, you have no idea 🙂 Agreed, I’m not huge into politics but I will say that the current leadership leaves something to be desired. I’ve always been such a fan of this country, it’s homely quirks and vibes, and that’s what I tend to write about. Haha I’m neither of the two! An independent who votes for the best possible leader, without associating or strong-siding one particular party. Best, most presentable and honest person should get the job, in my opinion.

        Very excited for that as well, keep up the great work!!

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  2. I’ll send some examples when I have polished them. Maybe next week. My poems are a permanent work in progress (ask River). I would be more than pleased for you to read them – I’d do the same for you. I wish I could write in your style – it has an intelligent laid-back feel – I’m a bit too, I’m not sure how to describe it, probably I try hard to please. I’m glad you like my poems. The follow-up collection title to Antiques is Excess Baggage.

    I’m an independent voter – though I am a Green Party member – it doesn’t mean I vote for the Greens automatically in general elections. If the UK had proportional representation the Greens would do well, like they do in Germany. All systems though have inherent problems.

    Too many populist right-wing leaders around the world at present (UK included).

    Keep well!!


    PS I’m watching the film Tolkein – it’s mainly set about 10-15 miles (not, of course, the Somme scenes) from where I live. JRR’s mother is buried in a local Catholic churchyard a mile down the road from me. I live in Hobbit territory. One of my new poems alludes to it, very briefly.


  3. This is poem number 3 – some will have titles – others, numbers.

    my town, Anglo-Saxon beginnings,
    Domesday record,
    history-steeped, ancient grove,
    hill-topping, effigy-filled
    church, knights, leg-crossed, uncrossed,
    their ladies beside them

    my town, poets, hobbit wandered, iconic,
    royal gate-work,
    colossal bird beaks over a northern city-port,
    talents of craftsmen from
    my town

    your town, conqueror assessed, truth says
    a large village,
    manor house, old church, not much
    else of note,
    your town, avenues and roads, crooks, toms,
    likely the holiest-moniker real estate in Christendom
    your town

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