One thought on “(She’s Alright With It) #poetry #poems #writingprompts #books

  1. Eric,

    That one made me smile/laugh.

    My monolithic pile of books is as tall as a Stonehenge standing stone.

    It has been a long, long time since I last visited the stone circle – now the virus has made the area quieter and hopefully, less polluted than it has been for a generation or two.

    My current reading list – just read 84 Charing Cross Road again; a history of German expansion east from the Middle Ages to 1945; someone called E. Keegan (nice read, again);
    Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy (read the first part in German initially on a cruise); Picked-Up Pieces (Updike); Roth’s Plot Against America, watching the TV series at present; Babylon Berlin – Volker Kutscher – first book in the series (set in Weimar Germany, late 1920s) – I have watched the German adaptation on Netflix – love it to bits)

    and there are more….

    Keep well!!


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