(Isolation Regularities) #books #routines #positivity #reading


What keeps you entertained during these times of self-quarantine and isolation?

Are you going outside daily, even if only for a short while?

Are you remembering old passions and habits that you’ve rekindled a fond admiration for lately?

Books have been my key hobby (story-fed salvation and vivid globetrotting escape) over these last few years and the past month or so has had me reading much more of them.

I spend my work from home lunch breaks out on the patio for an hour each day and just read.

Listening to the Spring birds chirp, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin and body, it’s a tremendous feeling.

And while I do love a nice, relaxing Spring rain, with us being cooped up inside I am much more fond of the bright sunny white on cloud blue sky days.

For the fellow bookworms out there, what are you currently reading?

Any epic, satisfying reads that you would like to suggest or rave about?

Have a wonderful day all!

(Photo from Pixabay)

© Eric Keegan


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7 thoughts on “(Isolation Regularities) #books #routines #positivity #reading

  1. Reading has always been my ultimate escape! A turn about the garden and a peer in the pond is as far as we can go outside (lockdownRSA).
    I’ve just finished Isabel Allende’s ‘A Long Petal of the Sea’: highly recommended.

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    1. It’s perfect for the mind in that sense, I agree! Books really do take you off into a whole other world. That sounds very relaxing Chris, it’s good at least to have that private bit of sanctuary. Just downloaded a copy on my Kindle, sounds like quite the historical epic! Have you read other works by that author before?

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    1. It really does feel like a saving grace right now. Being able to see everything in bloom and the atmosphere start to warm up, it’s something I’ve always admired but now I cherish. I’ve heard some people mention they would have actually preferred that because it wouldn’t have impacted being social in the warm months. Personally, I think that would have been extremely lonely. Hope you and the family are doing well Laura!!

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