What a Pairing

I woke up this morning with both socks on my head.

They were dangling down from my ears and I don’t remember how they got there.

Pulling the window blinds unslatted, I noticed people surfing across the sky waves.

Weather must be nice and favorable.

Do I even own a surfboard?

Maybe it’s next to the spaceship in the garage.

When did I get a spaceship?

I pinched my legs and cheeks to make sure I wasn’t still sleeping, but I was, dreamily too quite obviously, so when my senses came around for the second time I realized that none of the aforementioned ever happened.

Both socks were still dangling down from the sides of my head however.

It’s anybody’s guess how they got there.

Care to venture one for me?

(Photo by Pixabay, writing excerpt by me.)

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