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Our days roll onward like an oceanic tide, mirroring the ever-moving human element that defines precisely who we are. During the more trying moments, we feel as if we’re surging out to sea without a floatation device. When grandeur and enlightenment take a prominent position within our worlds, we drift back towards the shore and find relief in the wavering sands. A Declaration of Our Rippling Days is a poetry collection that will guide the reader through these ebbs and flows while taking them on a journey from furrowed emotional lows to breathtakingly inspired summits.

Poetry has become a handwritten, typewritten, mindwritten addiction for me over the last two years. This collection comes from a time and place when I struggled with a heart wrenching past relationship and had doubts about myself and how to move forward. Whether it’s love, work, family, mental health, finding inspiration, etc. we all need to find the right means to carve out a path and continue on. Continuity is the key to everything and it might not take hold of a straight-line trajectory either. Our flow amongst the waves ripples and resurges, it ebbs and flows, sometimes rushing up and down, while other times remaining calm and lulling. I very much hope you as the reader can take away something from this collection and enjoy the journey as much as I did. It’s a little different from my last few publications. More depth, more relatable insight, with a background soundtrack to accompany how the reader perceives each poem. Thanks as always for the support, it means so much to me!! And a very special thanks to Potter’s Grove for being such an outstanding independent author press! Grab your pre-orders here: A Declaration of Our Rippling Days.

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(Photo 2 from Pixabay)

My upcoming short story collection Found Friends and Questionable Newcomers is also now available for Kindle pre-orders (both the paperback and e-book editions are scheduled to release on January 18th). It was a very busy Q4 before the holidays trying to get the poetry manuscript finalized and this wonky, whimsical collection as well. I tried to put aside as many distractions as possible to get these two ready for electronic shelves and it was a great learning experience. In times past, I’ve had difficulties focusing on the completion of one project at a time, but these two overlapped in a way that made if feasible for getting them done together. What projects are you working on lately? Feel free to drop me a comment and let me know what books/poetry collections you have to explore as well. I’m looking for some great new reads!

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