Talk Yourself Into It

Today will be different.

Today I’ll drink my coffee and get up and go.

I’ll push away any anxieties and concerns and let them sit quietly in the corner until they’re ready to be amicable.

But stay realistic.

Shit’s a little crazy right now.

Stay grounded, but focus on you and those close to you.

Keep the electric synapses burning strong, burning bright, with all of your creative confidantes and online companions too.

Despite the rumor going around, there is a balance.

I’ve been balancing a spoon on my nose this whole time.

Do you see?

Spoon balancing is a divine art.

Timeless, almost.

Albeit just the right amount of enjoyable and silly.

Today’s the day you say, “let’s be passionate about what’s important.”

It’s the day you say, “distractions are a dime a dozen, but I’m more a fan of quarter and half dollar currency.”


It’s the day for you.

(Photo taken by me, writing prompt by me.)


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