Release Day!

Meet Bertrand.

Meet Sylvia.

Meet Opie.

Meet Thomas.

Meet Meena.

Meet Colin.

Meet Ellie.

Meet Tylfuuooh.

Meet Travis.

Meet Willow.

Meet Isla.

Meet Dom.

Meet Felicity.

Meet Lynona.

Meet Alistair.

My new short story collection “Found Friends and Questionable Newcomers” introduces the reader to all sorts of quirky, eccentric personalities. This was an incredibly fun piece for me to write, I had a blast. It’s zany, off-the-wall, funny, relatable, and will hopefully provide everyone with a unique journey from start to finish. The collection is now available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats. I hope you enjoy it, have a few laughs, and get a few smiles out of it. Thanks as always for the support!

(Photos taken by me.)


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