Release Day

My latest poetry collection ‘A Declaration of Our Rippling Days’ is now available for purchase on Amazon in paperback and eBook formats!

This was a very heartfelt collection to compile together over the last two years and I find the relevance of it to be more important now then when I originally started writing it. We all need someone. We need family and friends and that one special person who syncs up seamlessly on every human level. Individuals come and go, but what’s vital is how we move forward and keep firm ties with those inside our circles who are genuine and reciprocal. We look to personal salvation on a minute by minute basis and Declaration is a musical, lyrical expedition that showcases the many rippling highs and lows we all go through. As the dedication page will tell you, this release is “for people who live zealously and continue to ripple onward.” Thanks as always for your support and I hope you enjoy the collection!! And a very, very special thanks to Potter’s Grove Press and all the wonderful publication work they continue to do 🙏🏻 📖 🌊 ☀️ ✍️ 🎶


8 thoughts on “Release Day

    1. Haha all good if you didn’t, thanks so much Jason!! Can’t wait for your next release, I just pulled one of your collections out of my moving box full of books the other day and was thrilled. I miss having my favorites out on a shelf!

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